30 Most Hilarious Face Swaps of All Time


The world has been going crazy over Snapchat’s unique array of filters. Initially, Snapchat’s dog filters spread like wildfire. However, later, Snapchat introduced the Faceswap filter which got the internet in a spin and made us all addicted to it.

People are swapping faces with not just people; they are swapping faces with babies, animals and even objects as well.  Sometimes the face swap results are downright creepy while other times they are completely hilarious.


Listed in this post are 30 most hilarious face swaps of all time that are bound to give you a good laugh. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 My mommy has no eye brows

  2. 2 Miley kinda looks good in this Macho mode

  3. 3 When your daddy has a baby face

  4. 4 When you see a booty too good


  5. 5 When your child has more facial hair than you

  6. 6 Guess he doesn't love pickles

  7. 7 That's a special dog breed

  8. 8 Colored eyes are the cutest. Aren't they?

  9. 9 Daddy lost a few teeth

  10. 10 Like father like son

  11. 11 Dear Snapchat, thanks for scarring me for life

  12. 12 The tattoo doesn't quite go with the face

  13. 13 Jose Mourinho, is that you?

  14. 14 Toy Story 4

  15. 15 I see shades of the past

  16. 16 We've never laughed so hard in 22 years!

  17. 17 He/She is a proud graduate

  18. 18 I bet you've never face-swapped with an egg

  19. 19 When that pre workout kicks in

  20. 20 They call me eye catcher

  21. 21 My sofa has a separate identity now

  22. 22 Wanted to swap with Hulk. Got my fist instead.

  23. 23 No kid on earth would like to play with that doll I betcha

  24. 24 When your daddy looks younger than you

  25. 25 They say my girlfriend's manly. I don't think so.

  26. 26 Angelina still looking sharp AF

  27. 27 Dad needs to do something about his baldness

  28. 28 Any Mondlers in the house?

  29. 29 That doll face is me when I plan a whole day at home to myself and unexpected guests arrive

  30. 30 Clearly not much difference


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