30 Most Funny Custom License Plates People Actually Got Away With On Road

Funny license plates make driving so much better. Especially when you’re stuck in traffic such license plates will always make you laugh. In this post we’ve compiled a list of 30 funny custom license plates that will surely put a smile on your face. These photos are a proof of people’s creativity.

From savage hidden messages to license plates mocking ugly people – this list won’t disappoint you. Scroll down and enjoy peeps. Share these epic photos with your friends as well.

  1. 1 Must make note of the handicap logo

  2. 2 You don't have to guess anymore

  3. 3 The Kardashians' car

  4. 4 Me to every place, every single time

  5. 5 Me on Sunday mornings

  6. 6 Everyone has one. It's like an opinion.

  7. 7 You don't to call me that

  8. 8 So what are you most thankful for

  9. 9 What's your favorite band?

  10. 10 Daddy's Princess right there

  11. 11 Someone listened to his prayers

  12. 12 Indeed, he is!

  13. 13 Story of my life

  14. 14 True story bro

  15. 15 Bouncers at every club be like

  16. 16 What are all men after?

  17. 17 What do women look for in men ? Only one thing...

  18. 18 What every guy wants to hear

  19. 19 When she asks "what can you do for me?"

  20. 20 Ontario's seems to be a fun place

  21. 21 What time is it?

  22. 22 I'd definitely overtake that

  23. 23 When people see me

  24. 24 When I ask women out, all they reply with is

  25. 25 Don't mess with the prof

  26. 26 There's free rooms on the beach for the weekend. Wanna go?

  27. 27 Never thought that apocalypse would start like this

  28. 28 Live free or die?

  29. 29 Donald. is that you?

  30. 30 No way!

  31. 31 Time to party O lala style

  32. 32 So why're you breaking up?

  33. 33 Where can you watch the best porn? Any guesses?

  34. 34 Yours to discover

  35. 35 Me in every exam ever

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