32 Most Fun Photos of Celebrities With Their Fans


It’s always exciting when we see celebrities in public places, we love to take pictures with them and share them on our social media profiles. Today’s post is amazing because it shows celebrities also have a fun side and these famous people made the pictures even more memorable and beautiful by posing in hilarious ways.


Listed below are 32 such pictures in which celebs brought up their hilarious side and posed in weirdly funny ways. Scroll down peeps and enjoy these hilarious pictures.

  1. 1 Can't take all the selfies the same way

  2. 2 There's a giant rock in your photo

  3. 3 Benedict Cumberbatch wins Selfie of the day!

  4. 4 When Marshall gets high


  5. 5 She is just smiling for the pic, otherwise she was not impressed by the tattoo!

  6. 6 That's one lucky dude!

  7. 7 Hitler would be proud

  8. 8 That's how you take a selfie with a fan!

  9. 9 That's what you call a royal selfie!

  10. 10 As I snapped the selfie, I told Samuel L. Jackson to pose how he really felt about doing these kinds of things.

  11. 11 He met Bill Murray

  12. 12 Ron Jeremy fell asleep next to me on a plane...

  13. 13 5 awesome chicks and some crazy bald dude.

  14. 14 When girls are casually chatting and someone says "selfie"

  15. 15 I voted for him!!

  16. 16 There's a party in the U S A

  17. 17 Somebody Help!!

  18. 18 Bangerz? Is that literal?

  19. 19 So how big is the "big" shaq?

  20. 20 I'll find this place, and I'll eat here!

  21. 21 Beyonce's the swagiest celeb you'll ever meet

  22. 22 Sam will be jealous

  23. 23 "Call me if you see this Alan", Mr Chow

  24. 24 That's a ball game night she won't forget

  25. 25 Not that old yet

  26. 26 Throwback to young Adam

  27. 27 Happy or sad?

  28. 28 Kanye West Is Not Amused by Fans Trying to Take Selfies With Him!

  29. 29 The most wanted brothers in town

  30. 30 Your cleavage's showing. Oh wait, you're a boy!

  31. 31 She don't even like him!

  32. 32 PsBPsBattle: Fan spills drink on Coolio while taking a selfie.


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