26 Most Artistic and Colourful Pancake Art


Pancakes are usually on our top favorites when it comes to making breakfast in the morning. But, most of us probably follow the instructions on the box. Mix all the ingredients together, pour onto a hot greased pan, and form perfect circular flapjacks one by one, right? Well, No, folks! Wrong! Because through wielding a squeeze bottle filled with colorful batter, you can probably draw just about anything from cartoon and anime characters to portraits of celebrities and even miniature works of art.

Pancake art is a new emerging form of modern art in which works are created on a griddle or frying pan using a pancake batter as the medium. Numerous artists are producing mind blowing pancake creations in this form of art that are way too cool to eat.


So, don’t settle for plain old pancakes and unleash your artistic potential with our curated list of 26 most artistic and colorful pancake art. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Furious bear pancake.

  2. 2 Big cat pancake.

  3. 3 Blue whale pancake.

  4. 4 Trippy Ice cream pancake.


  5. 5 Doh! pancake.

  6. 6 Pink Elephant pancake.

  7. 7 It looks like this gorilla is thinking of something really dirty.

  8. 8 Lizard pancake.

  9. 9 Bunny Rabbit pancake.

  10. 10 Sloth pancake.

  11. 11 Leopard pancake.

  12. 12 The level of detail on this pancake is amazing.

  13. 13 The lion King pancake.

  14. 14 For all of those night owls out there.

  15. 15 Great pancake sculpture.

  16. 16

  17. 17 I think that's supposed to be the Loch ness monster.

  18. 18 Pac-Man pancake.

  19. 19 Elsa from Frozen pancake.

  20. 20 T-Rex pancake.

  21. 21 It's disturbing to think that someone's going to eat that pancake.

  22. 22 Koala bear pancake.

  23. 23 Prized poodle pancake.

  24. 24 The cycle of mustard.

  25. 25 Scream pancake.

  26. 26 Now I want to get a doughnut after this pancake.


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