32 Most Amusing Vacation Memes


Are you in desperate need of vacations? Do you need some time to unwind from your tiring routine? Yes, we know for many of us vacation is a brief period in which theoretically we forget all our worries and let ourselves immerse into all the pleasures that life has to offer. We spend most of the year wishing for the vacations to come along. But, you can’t deny the fact that sometimes going on a vacation is like day dreaming that can never come true. All the financial pressure can sometimes gag your enjoyment. We get your struggles, friends!

Yeah! Vacations can be a blast, no doubt but, as soon as the reality kicks in, it can also be a kind of miserable time which can ultimately break all the illusions.


So to cheer you up, we have listed 30 funny vacation memes that will make you laugh out loud. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 This is the mature adult version of me

  2. 2 Its been ages of wait

  3. 3 Back to school little one!

  4. 4 Vacation. Always pick vacation!


  5. 5 My time has finally come

  6. 6 I would like a refresher over here

  7. 7 Shit! They spotted me again

  8. 8 Gotta work remotely

  9. 9 All about being wet and chilling

  10. 10 I eat, I drink and I sleep on the beach

  11. 11 About time we have a conversation again

  12. 12 Its been a long time since I slept

  13. 13 Who are you people?!

  14. 14 We like to drink a lot...

  15. 15 #view #vacationgoals

  16. 16 When work people call to ask for help

  17. 17 There's two more bags in the trunk

  18. 18 Running away from all of this

  19. 19 When the excitement strikes

  20. 20 Every single one of you!

  21. 21 Me vacationing on a weekend

  22. 22 This many shall be enough

  23. 23 * Minion Song Playing *

  24. 24 Get out of my way madafakaaass

  25. 25 I'm the queen now

  26. 26 Like an absolute boss

  27. 27 Decision Decisions

  28. 28 Here's my vacation photo

  29. 29 What are alphabets? What is this language?

  30. 30 I post about it and I'm not guilty

  31. 31 Perception vs Reality

  32. 32 Every single time


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