30 Most Amusing Back to School Photos


Back to school time is a favorite among parents. This is the time when parents are finally free from their little brats running here and there, and they can have some peace at home. At “Back to School” season, discounts pop up on all kinds of stores from stationary to liquor. And of course it is common to see parents forcing their kids into cars and school vans. 


In this post we have compiled a hilarious collection of “Back to School” photos, scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Is this school for Assassins?!

  2. 2 Welcome back to Artillery School

  3. 3 Please don't get your uniforms from here

  4. 4 Monday mornings be like


  5. 5 Waving back at happy parents like

  6. 6 There are two type of kids

  7. 7 Important Ad for Moms

  8. 8 When its time for parents to enjoy

  9. 9 WTH Woombye state school?

  10. 10 When you don't you vacations to be over

  11. 11 All the mom's on back to school day

  12. 12 Welcome back to Champagne world kids

  13. 13 When your editor never attended school

  14. 14 Good deal for students

  15. 15 Encouraging all the Moms

  16. 16 When you are more excited than your child

  17. 17 Celebrating the freedom like

  18. 18 Need more "pubic schools" in the region...

  19. 19 Back to school Pregnancy test sale

  20. 20 Try some of our welcoming beverages

  21. 21 Are the guns included in the curriculum?

  22. 22 Grab one for your first college night

  23. 23 Thats what six times happiness looks like

  24. 24 Tables have turned

  25. 25 The must haves

  26. 26 One thing you must not forget

  27. 27 The kids look like they hate their mom

  28. 28 Not the right words

  29. 29 And the party begins

  30. 30 Kids be like "we don't know this woman"

  31. 31 The family photo they'll be mocked by for many years to come

  32. 32 The count down ends

  33. 33 Emotions must not be controlled today. Let it go!

  34. 34 Bye Bye Princess

  35. 35 Dad's have every right to celebrate too

  36. 36 Just get in there you naughty lot


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