32 Loyal Men Who Can Do Anything For the Sake of a Perfect Photo of Their Lady


We’ve all heard the cliché, “Love makes people do all the crazy and stupid things” Well, folks! It could be because being in love actually does make chemical changes to the brain. Scientific study proves that adrenaline is released when you are in love, causing you to take reckless risks.

Listed in this post are 32 photos of loyal men who can do anything for the sake of a perfect photo of their lady due to their passionate and admirable devotion.


Scroll on peeps and enjoy! Share this post with all the men in your list who are madly in love.

  1. 1 Getting my clothes dirty? No problem!

  2. 2 Getting the perfect angle!

  3. 3 When she don't let you swim!

  4. 4 A dream husband!


  5. 5 Using your athletic abilities to get the best shot!

  6. 6 What is he trying to do?

  7. 7 A little bit higher please!

  8. 8 Isn't he a professional photographer!

  9. 9 Who said you have to drive carefully?

  10. 10 I hope he captures it right!

  11. 11 Things men have to do for love!

  12. 12 Putting those muscles to work!

  13. 13 At least he got the safety measures on!

  14. 14 When you are fat and have a hot wife!

  15. 15 She always wanted a tall husband!

  16. 16 Just a normal day at the beach!

  17. 17 The laugh on their faces says is all..

  18. 18 Had to get a closeup!

  19. 19 They are just showing off!

  20. 20 Now I know how these pictures are clicked!

  21. 21 She deserved to have such a husband..

  22. 22 I wonder what kind of an angle is this..

  23. 23 When you have to capture the beautiful background!

  24. 24 He just likes to take pictures of her with skates on!

  25. 25 Bearing fruit of the long hours in gym!

  26. 26 Must be a really hot snap!

  27. 27 She forced him to do that!

  28. 28 Such a lovely couple!

  29. 29 Her pose deserved it!

  30. 30 That's how you get a perfect beach picture!

  31. 31 Awwww that's adorable!


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