30 Librarians With Sense of Humour


Who said libraries are boring and librarians don’t have a good sense of humor? Yeah! We know they have the stigma of being fortresses of silence, guarding humanity’s best thoughts, preserving all the world’s knowledge but it doesn’t mean that humor is forbidden there. In such a large population there are some librarians who really enjoy their profession with a little bit of humor. They prove that laughs can easily accompany a satisfying read if you know how to add a funny side in everything.


In this post, we have listed 30 photos of librarians with an incredible sense of humor. These librarians definitely deserve a round of applause for their efforts. Scroll on to check out these hilarious photos and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Oh. My. God. Becky. Did you see her book? It was, like, sooo big.

  2. 2 The things that turn a book reader on

  3. 3 Be like Batman

  4. 4 The Shining 2.0


  5. 5 It's a blue world

  6. 6 Sometimes I wear my panda hat to work. This is what it looks like to everyone walking into the library.

  7. 7 Only basketball players can read these

  8. 8 They're a mystery after all

  9. 9 Only if they knew better

  10. 10 My local library has this sign on their dropoff slot.

  11. 11 For you, a thousand times over

  12. 12 When libraries troll their patrons.

  13. 13 It's that time of the year again

  14. 14 Because people don't return them

  15. 15 The most adventurous librarian in the world

  16. 16 My town's public library has a clever blizzard solution

  17. 17 My local library is taking people's mugshot.

  18. 18 Feel free to pleasure your shelf

  19. 19 Only if phones worked like books

  20. 20 Think Logically

  21. 21 Everyone needs a self checkout once a day

  22. 22 Business ideas 101

  23. 23 Congratulations on your survival

  24. 24 Twerk a book

  25. 25 Put a K in there

  26. 26 Well played library well played

  27. 27 We are always under-booked

  28. 28 I got virtually robbed

  29. 29 Here's the blue collection. Suit yourself.

  30. 30 Marketing the latest trends


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