30 Lavish Lifestyle Photos Of Insanely Wealthy People Of Dubai


Have you heard the cliché, “To err is human, to forgive is divine”? Well, considering the same proverb we believe to have money is rich; to live in money is to be an Arab. Confused eh? Don’t worry this post will eradicate your confusion in a blink of an eye.

Believe it or not, Arabs are so rich that they can probably fill up the bank account of every beggar in this world and still be able to live a lavish lifestyle. And among those Arabs, the center-stage of the world, the epitome of globalization as we know it, Dubai is backyard to the filthy rich. The Sheikhs of Dubai don’t always have to work to set trends and those who can’t afford a 1,000 dh-per-person afternoon tea at the world’s tallest tower, only swoon with envy.


In this post, we have listed 30 pictures from the ridiculously rich and extravagant lifestyle of insanely wealthy people who belong to Dubai. Scroll on to see for yourself and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 I see gold in that mouth

  2. 2 The Lion Rider

  3. 3 People of Dubai love to break records. Here is the heaviest golden ring in the world:

  4. 4 Swimming with giants


  5. 5 Because puppies are too mainstream

  6. 6 Which One Shall I Drive Today?

  7. 7 Meanwhile in Dubai...!

  8. 8 Some interesting passengers...

  9. 9 The King doesn't like pool parties

  10. 10 Love Dolphins!? become a big dolphin yourself.... Only possible in Dubai

  11. 11 Can I get the bill please???

  12. 12 Dubai's Black Panther wearing the Infinity Gauntlet (Rolex Edition)

  13. 13 Let's play cards, arab style

  14. 14 A floating villa.....!!

  15. 15 Owing a private jet..... is no biggie!!

  16. 16 Fancy rides and fancy pets

  17. 17 Gold SuperYacht

  18. 18 Shoe closet, Rich kids of dubai, Shoes

  19. 19 Going out for the weekend like

  20. 20 Those breathtaking views that money can buy

  21. 21 My friend saw a weird looking car on the road in Dubai last night, anyone know what it is?

  22. 22 Talk to me hooman

  23. 23 Some phones (made out of gold) I saw for sale at the Dubai International Airport

  24. 24 Even Starbucks looks fancy in Dubai

  25. 25 Dubai has a Bugatti Police car.

  26. 26 Walk the dog is too easy

  27. 27 We go shopping for fresh food, and they...for gold... One of many Gold Souk shops

  28. 28 Tennis match on the Burj Al Arab helipad

  29. 29 James Bond style amphibious car

  30. 30 Underwater room at Atlantis

  31. 31 When they stop at the toll station


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