30 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Cooking a Piece of Cake


Did you know, in 2014 American survey research found that an average American spends about 40-50 minutes a day cooking, serving food, and cleaning up after a meal? Well, we all know that time matters in the kitchen! So, whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, cooking a full meal is a lot of work and it takes patience and skill to prepare any delicious dish. But, there are some kitchen gadgets that can make your job a lot easier if only you know how to use them. Garlic peelers, candy thermometers, waterproof boiling egg timers, spiralizers, and cactus shaped toothpick holders, you name it and the designers have already invented it!


Keep on scrolling to see our compiled list of 30 creative kitchen gadgets that will definitely make your cooking a piece of cake and you’ll enjoy them in the kitchen. Don’t forget to share this post with all the other cooking experts on your friend’s list, they’ll surely appreciate it!

  1. 1 Perfect for that hot summer day.

  2. 2 Foldable dish washing brush.

  3. 3 Multipurpose whisk wiper.

  4. 4 Cactus pin cushion.


  5. 5 Cooking stand.

  6. 6 homemade sushi kit.

  7. 7 Snow globe salt & pepper shakers!

  8. 8 Finger cut shield.

  9. 9 Protect yourself from those oil burns.

  10. 10 Every grandma needs one of these.

  11. 11 Dunky Cup - For Dunking Sandwich Cookies in Milk, Snacks, More!

  12. 12 Anyone who's ever done dishes will love this.

  13. 13 Why didn't anyone think of this before?

  14. 14 Herb grinder.

  15. 15 Great looking honey dispenser.

  16. 16 Say goodbye to those sponges. Introducing Washing-up Gloves.

  17. 17 Making kabobs just got way easier.

  18. 18 Modern cutting board.

  19. 19 Flour mixing bag.

  20. 20 Who needs an oven when you've got one of these bad boys.

  21. 21 That must come in real handy around Thanksgiving.

  22. 22 Silpoura Clip On Single Red Silicone Pouring Spout.

  23. 23 Now your hands don't have to smell like onions.

  24. 24 Great for keeping things fresh.

  25. 25 3-in-1 breakfast station

  26. 26 A bowl that separates your milk from your cereal so it stays crunchy.

  27. 27 Pot Lid Lift to allow steam to escape so your pot won't boil over.

  28. 28 Microwave Popcorn Popper.

  29. 29 THAT! Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife!

  30. 30 Bear claws meat shredder for BBQ for perfectly shredded meat


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