38 Ironic Situations that Range from Being Intriguing to Downright Hilarious


You know what we call a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems the opposite of what you expected. Yeah! You guessed it right, people! It’s called irony.

Unexpected irony can result in some pretty hilarious situations that can happen to any of us. Maybe it’s your child biting the exact book with the title of “teeth are not for biting” or an invisible deodorant spray that has disappeared from the shelves. We all often experience some ironic situations that range from being intriguing to downright hilarious. And fortunately for us, some of these moments are captured on camera so we can all laugh out loud together. Listed below are 38 such photos that will make you go ROFL.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 The Job industry to me

  2. 2 We've got a warrior over here

  3. 3 Our youngest son has a taste for irony

  4. 4 Do you mean School?


  5. 5 Went to open my fridge. Definitely thought my hand was connected properly.

  6. 6 Not a tough Wind Seeker eh?

  7. 7 Today I welcomed my first child into the world. Here’s a photo of me waking up after passing out in the OR.

  8. 8 Guy at coffee shop shows off his solution to the $999 Apple stand.

  9. 9 Turns out my 12 year old and her friends think my aggravated expression is funny enough to be their wallpaper.

  10. 10 I send this to my girlfriend when our arguments aren’t getting anywhere

  11. 11 Our friend got fired today

  12. 12 I work in hotline. This is my desktop.

  13. 13 I found what I was looking for, I think.

  14. 14 Training your adopted dog

  15. 15 You can't see him

  16. 16 "Low-Quality"

  17. 17 When you get a taste of your own medicine

  18. 18 This toe truck...!!

  19. 19 No worries, I can swim underwater

  20. 20 Not so sure about this product

  21. 21 The city can try and stop me

  22. 22 Going back to work next week. Trying to convince my colleagues I had a beach holiday.

  23. 23 Yes, there are no shortcuts!

  24. 24 Choose the best

  25. 25 Its self explanatory........

  26. 26 You don't say

  27. 27 Plan Ahea...d

  28. 28 My antiperspirant is perspiring!

  29. 29 Probably stressed too much

  30. 30 The foundation is finally alone

  31. 31 The display goes against that

  32. 32 At least it tried

  33. 33 Only laying

  34. 34 It is Literally crushed

  35. 35 So smoking or no smoking??!

  36. 36 Firony!

  37. 37 It just fell off...


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