30 Ingenious and Useful Inventions Plucked Right Out of the Year 2050


Have you ever imagined a 4-wheel electric bike that can allow people to ride around in any weather? Or a hammer with automatic nails? Perhaps a pendant that turns speech into text? Well, if you haven’t then you need to expand your imaginations, my friends! You should never underestimate the power of the human mind. It has the power to produce mesmerizing ideas that simplify and beautify life.


People experiment and experiment again until they stumble upon ideas that make a difference. These people walk among us with brains that make us wonder if they’re really from this age and time or not. The way they behave, they seem like people who have traveled back in time from the future. You’ll see these people coming up with creative life hacks to sort through everyday life problems that boggle all of us down. Scroll on to see a few examples of such ingenious and useful inventions that you’ve never seen before and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 A 4-wheel electric bike that was designed to allow people to ride around in any weather

  2. 2 Special “shoes” for horses

  3. 3 You can charge this battery with a micro USB connector

  4. 4 A hammer with automatic nails


  5. 5 Scientists learned to make plastic that can decompose under environmental conditions for a period of 1 to 3 years

  6. 6 New Chinese technology that features a 4-story building built in one night

  7. 7 The new design of a melded fork and spoon

  8. 8 A ball of honey that can be placed right into a cup of tea

  9. 9 A university library has a treadmill with a computer

  10. 10 Our local high school has a solar panel table with USB ports for students to charge their devices

  11. 11 The new electric “socket of the future” without a plug

  12. 12 Elderly pedestrians in Singapore can use their licenses to get more time to cross a road

  13. 13 This McDonald’s has a smaller counter upstairs and they use a conveyer belt to ship food

  14. 14 A room at my school uses a vertical hidden projector and a mirror to project presentations

  15. 15 A toothbrush that cleans your teeth by itself

  16. 16 A pendant that turns speech into text

  17. 17 A pancake printer

  18. 18 A water-filtering straw

  19. 19 A windshield display

  20. 20 A pocket cinema

  21. 21 An ear cleaner that leaves no chance for earwax

  22. 22 The first E-Ink tattoo machine

  23. 23 A touchless bag sealer

  24. 24 A 3D pen

  25. 25 A machine that folds your laundry

  26. 26 A hanger that dries and disinfects towels

  27. 27 A wearable device that relieves pain

  28. 28 A device that translates animal thoughts into human language

  29. 29 Heated socks for those with cold feet

  30. 30 Fresh pizza automat


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