30 Incredibly Creative Ads By Marketing Gurus


We are living in an era of information technology where we see a lot of ads all around us on and off screens, but we only remember one or two that really stand out among all the rest. One thing is for sure, a marketing advertisement that breaks the clutter and gets massive visibility can be definitely termed as successful.  It’s all about delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time in a manner that’s memorable. Brands that have creative marketing teams create quite captivating and memorable advertisements.


In this post, we have listed up 30 incredibly creative Ads by marketing gurus. These ads are worth getting inspired from because they are making quite a noise in the digital marketing world. We believe that the geniuses behind these ads deserve a round of applause for their creativity. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Freeze yourself to death

  2. 2 Blow as hard as you can and you shall see the results

  3. 3 What a phenomenal 3D ad idea by IKEA

  4. 4 Samsung MP3 Player - Hip-hop


  5. 5 Protecting your house from anything that may come

  6. 6 Your teeth are safe with us

  7. 7 Because sleep is necessary

  8. 8 With a twist of lemon

  9. 9 Sharper than you think

  10. 10 Help the homeless

  11. 11 I believe the inner me wants to come out

  12. 12 Wheels so hot your skin won't stay on

  13. 13 Adidas doing what they do best. Marketing...

  14. 14 Sleep like a baby

  15. 15 Old Spice makes you smell like perfection

  16. 16 Have a trip to the North Pole

  17. 17 Starbucks is the right fix for you

  18. 18 Pepsi Man is back

  19. 19 Come and get brick hard 6 pack abs

  20. 20 The sauce you don't wanna miss on

  21. 21 Conserve water for the generations to come

  22. 22

  23. 23 That's a Giant load

  24. 24 Motivate the soldiers with some rhymes

  25. 25 Early morning requirements

  26. 26 The Inside Story

  27. 27 Do you even lift?

  28. 28 The kid is enticed

  29. 29 Better late than never

  30. 30 And Nivea fixes them


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