30 Incredible Photos Captured by Drones That Will Take Your Breath Away


Have you ever wondered what it would look like to combine traditional landscape photography with ideas of planetary exploration, 21st-century high tech technology and sky-high vision?  With the advancement of technology in these modern times, many pro photographers have explored these combinations and brought them together in a series of drone photography. The resulting Ariel view photos definitely took the internet in a spin because of the mind-blowing results it produced.

With the large number and high quality of drone photos increasing every year, drone photography has soared globally in recent years. So, in this post we have listed up some of the best and incredible photos found on the internet that are captured with drones. We bet these photos will definitely take your breath away.


Scroll on and admire the beauty of these photos. Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Beaching at both ends

  2. 2 The world of giants

  3. 3 The fishing net was dropping out to the sea by fishermen near Hon Yen

  4. 4 Santorini never sleeps


  5. 5 I bet this will twist your mind

  6. 6 The zig zag track

  7. 7 It's play time

  8. 8 The Traditional Floating Market by antotis

  9. 9 When you're friends with giants

  10. 10 On their way home at 1,812 meters above sea

  11. 11 Jon Snow during Battle of the Bastards

  12. 12 The iconic rice terraces of Bali are looking even better from above!

  13. 13 The summer haircut in Provence

  14. 14 This is how my hopes are sinking

  15. 15 The iceberg express

  16. 16 "Crabeater Seals resting"

  17. 17 Ducks Keeper

  18. 18 Boat passing through waterlilies in flowering season

  19. 19 The king summons you

  20. 20 Swimming with the greatest

  21. 21 Just take me there

  22. 22 1st prize winner. Flying with an eagle over Bali Barat National Park, Bali, Indonesia.

  23. 23 You break the queue, you're dead

  24. 24 Straight down the reservoir

  25. 25 Great Salt Lake Causeway Train over Pink Salt Water

  26. 26 First Prize Winner In Fun Category, "Flowers On The Water"

  27. 27 People's Choice Prize, "Infinity Road: Summer vs. Winter"

  28. 28 People's Choice Prize, "Kyiv Monuments"

  29. 29 Making memories for a lifetime

  30. 30 Into the frozen world


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