30 Incredible Masterpieces of Street Art


Art isn’t only found in art galleries, you can find it anywhere. Some of the most beautiful pieces of art exist on the streets. Sometimes you can find the artists responsible for the magnificent use of colors and brushes, at other times you’re left admiring the works of an anonymous artist. 


In this post we have listed 30 photos of incredible street art. Each photo has a story to tell, and it speaks more than a thousand words. While it’s difficult to choose a favorite If we had to pick one, we would pick the 10th picture. Which one is your favorite? Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Fail escape attempt

  2. 2 When you gotta push it all out

  3. 3 Gotta hide!

  4. 4 Pisa Tower in your street


  5. 5 In deep sleep

  6. 6 Creative beggar!

  7. 7 Lets dive in!

  8. 8 Ready for the smack cam

  9. 9 Catching the falling one

  10. 10 The street beauty

  11. 11 Creative glasses on snow

  12. 12 Live performer

  13. 13 A sad mermaid

  14. 14 Holding it together

  15. 15 Watch your step

  16. 16 Uncovering the colors

  17. 17 Strong message with creative art

  18. 18 Tearing it apart

  19. 19 Artists, Connecting people

  20. 20 Don't drink and drive

  21. 21 When you want to save water

  22. 22 Beatles Copy

  23. 23 Getting caught

  24. 24 A path to heaven

  25. 25 Time to stand up!

  26. 26 Young minds, creative ideas

  27. 27 Tea party!

  28. 28 A Gentle Tree

  29. 29 Time to wash the dirt off

  30. 30 Saving yourself


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