35 Illusory Photos That Will Trick Your Eyes and Puzzle Your Mind


We live in a world which is a playground of illusion. First impressions aren’t always true! So, folks! A word of advice, do not be misled or influenced by what you see because everything that we see and believe is governed by our mind, and the mind can easily be confused by those who know trickery. Sometimes you need close scrutiny to understand reality.


Let’s do a small exercise to test your brain. In this post, we have listed 35 illusory photos that will trick your eyes and puzzle your mind like no other. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with the smartest people on your list and check if they can see through the illusion and decipher actual reality of these photos?

  1. 1 High-waist pants are in fashion

  2. 2 This is more than regular 3D

  3. 3 His head looks like it is being absorbed by a hole in the sky

  4. 4 Does this count? My wife and I look like we share a pair of legs


  5. 5 Skipping leg day

  6. 6 My howling adventure partner

  7. 7 Had to look twice

  8. 8 It's my old kitty's spirit

  9. 9 Shark Attack

  10. 10 10 Universal City Plaza building gives the illusion that it's flat - Los Angeles

  11. 11 Mirror, mirror on the wall...

  12. 12 The process of childbirth explained

  13. 13 What cup size is this?

  14. 14 Dog eats unsuspecting people on the beach

  15. 15 When you skip the dress code at a formal dinner

  16. 16 This black car looks like a mirror after being washed.

  17. 17 What's the best way to escape a shark attach? Tell it a joke!

  18. 18 Break a leg

  19. 19 She's got some extra fur

  20. 20 Forbidden strawberry ice cream

  21. 21 As close as any human cub has ever gotten

  22. 22 Wanna step in the pool with her?

  23. 23 The fight looks wild

  24. 24 This Fish blends in...

  25. 25 Melty Snoot

  26. 26 The Hasan ll Mosque In Morocco, floating in the sky

  27. 27 Is that a tig... oh, never mind

  28. 28 Just give your brain a minute.

  29. 29 This looks like a window to another world.

  30. 30 The capsicum doesn't look too happy with me

  31. 31 This ducklings beak looks like a wolf..

  32. 32 A squashed duck...

  33. 33 Broken tree illusion

  34. 34 Someone please tell them

  35. 35 Blending art with reality

  36. 36 A giant spider that died in the street outside my house


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