30 Hysterically Unflattering Photos Of Pets That Blew Up the Internet


Pets have been stealing the show on the internet almost since its inception, with pictures of cute pets being shared on Usenet long before most people even had access to dial-up. But not all internet users want to share pictures that only make us go awww. So, instead of sharing photos of their perfect pets, some internet users started a movement that encourages people to post the worst pictures of their cats, dogs, and other pets and this drive blew up the internet with loads of laughter.

Our domestic animals have a knack of protecting us as well as they can make us smile with their hilarious acts. Yet there are some that beat all records in this regard, making our stomachs cramp with laughter. We’ve rounded up in this post 30 most laugh-out-loud funny unflattering photos of pets.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps!



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