30 Amusing Behind the Scenes Photos of GOT


Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Well, if you are then you’re probably the happiest man right now. The first two episodes are out and people are losing their minds. Game of Thrones has been the most popular season in the last few years. Not only the season, but most of the people also spend hours while watching behind the scene videos.


Keeping this in mind, we’ve listed 30 most hilarious behind the scenes photos of Game of Thrones that will surely make you laugh. The 4th photo proves that the red woman is not so evil after all! Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Khaleesi with her son

  2. 2 Light it up

  3. 3 When he found out that Stanis wasn't the promised one

  4. 4 The red woman's got classic warm denims


  5. 5 The sibling's bond can't be beaten

  6. 6 Have a sip of the frozen White Walker?

  7. 7 Raising him from the ruins

  8. 8 When the siblings are being naughty

  9. 9 The Unburnt Queen with her crew

  10. 10 Cupid did his job well

  11. 11 The queen and her apprentice

  12. 12 Khal Drogo with his sun and stars

  13. 13 Don't miss the chance

  14. 14 The official makeup artist of Lanissters

  15. 15 Like father like daughter

  16. 16 Foes on screen, friends off the screen

  17. 17 The youngest to sit on the Iron Throne

  18. 18 The Lord of Light likes Red Makeup

  19. 19 The love birds of Mereen

  20. 20 The Lannister army with their young king

  21. 21 Khaleesi with her golden toy

  22. 22 Early morning dose of Danerys

  23. 23 Hold the Stone

  24. 24 Cersei and her puppets

  25. 25 What is dead may never die

  26. 26 The Mountain is all geared up for some action

  27. 27 Tommen with his mother's torturer

  28. 28 Khaleesi in the wonderland

  29. 29 What do we say to the God of Death?

  30. 30 A wildling who's scared of snow?

  31. 31 Take me to winterfell

  32. 32 His last birthday with both hands


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