30 Hilariously Shocking Celebrity Wax Statues Ever Made


We all love our favorite celebrities and if it so happens that we meet them, we love to take their autographs or have a selfie with them. Obviously celebrities can’t be everywhere at the same time so in honor of the achievements of celebrities, people also make their statues. While some of these statues are awesome, not everyone gets their statue right. Some of the statues turn out to be quite creepy.

Listed below in this post are 30 absurd attempts in making replicas of famous people, who ever made them did a pretty hopeless job. They’re downright creepy and quite hilarious. Scroll down peeps and enjoy.

  1. 1 A little kidding with Miss Kidman

  2. 2 God Bless J Lo after this

  3. 3 Damn you muggles

  4. 4 Mama she's in love with a criminal. For sure!


  5. 5 It Tom Cruise starred in The Shining

  6. 6 Lady Gaga's Halloween version

  7. 7 The barbie store makes better statues than this one

  8. 8 Never mind Ross was on a break

  9. 9 A little extra teeth for Miss Roberts

  10. 10 Brad Pitt ft. Jesus

  11. 11 If JT played Jesse Pinkman

  12. 12 Damn Naomi, did they make you outta chocolate?

  13. 13 Ruined all the Hannah Montana memories for me

  14. 14 Not even close

  15. 15 The statue still looks a better vampire

  16. 16 Mr. Bean won't be happy about this

  17. 17 Sadly, I am glad she did not live to this day

  18. 18 Oh Lord! They turned her into a character from Planet of the Apes

    link 1 | link 2


  19. 19 Why so scared champ?

  20. 20 I would like to meet the artist

  21. 21 (NOT) Charlie's Angels

  22. 22 If Clinton was President of China

  23. 23 Not so tiger like...

  24. 24 Anaconda!

  25. 25 Conan's statue definitely needs a shave

  26. 26 The duchess won't be happy to see this

  27. 27 This may soon be featured on the Ellen show...

  28. 28 Whatever they do, can't make it creepier than the real Jim

  29. 29 Wanna make a guess?

  30. 30 At least they could have gotten the eye color right

  31. 31 Look who it is..NOT Sandra Bullock!


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