30 Hilariously Ironic Relatable Girls Comics By Bella


To all the modern women out there, know that out of 3,800,750,379 female population around the globe, you are definitely not alone in your struggles! Many are on the same page and can totally relate to their experiences and laugh at them together.

Self-taught Belgium-based artist Bella Sriwantana is winning the hearts of people over social media with her quirky comics where she opens up about her daily life and common girl struggles with a great deal of self-irony and humor. She puts her heart and soul into her work and produces hilarious comics on various girls’ problems that are highly relatable to all the ladies out there. From struggles of wearing a perfect liner to PMS challenges, Bella’s comics honestly represent the struggles that every woman deals with daily.


In this post, we have listed up some of our favorite photos from Bella’s ironic comics collection. Scroll on and enjoy!

More info: bella.illustration

  1. 1 People are very inconsiderate when tagging other people in pictures.

  2. 2 Cute bikinis = weird tan lines.

  3. 3 That awkward moment in the bathroom.

  4. 4 But it’s not the same.


  5. 5 Goodbye summer body, see you next year maybe?

  6. 6 I keep buying the pretty ones but never wear them.

  7. 7 Pain level 99.

  8. 8 Don’t do your hair on a humid day.

  9. 9 Complete agony.

  10. 10 The blanket will always protect you from the monster.

  11. 11 The weather is getting warm enough for me to start running outside again but yeah...

  12. 12 Getting ready for a night out.

  13. 13 Happens every time.

  14. 14 My summer body will never be ready.

  15. 15 Why?

  16. 16 I left out the crying.

  17. 17 I guess, I'm just a better photographer.

  18. 18 Give zero f***s, got zero chill.

  19. 19 That tiny heart attack.

  20. 20 Don’t think so.

  21. 21 The most powerful enemy.

  22. 22 Sometimes you just can't resist the temptation.

  23. 23 Don’t stop me now.

  24. 24 I can go from being cute to a raging monster in a second.

  25. 25 I faint at the sight of blood.

  26. 26 Sometimes I just want to wear a potato sack instead.

  27. 27 Time to study some ingredients.

  28. 28 Every single time.

  29. 29 I've got absolutely no patience.

  30. 30 Snuggling is the best.


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