30 Hilariously Insane Google Search Suggestions


There was once a time when people had to go to the library in search of knowledge, then our lives became so much easier when Mr. Google was introduced. Now in today’s high tech world, all we need to do is take our laptop or mobile phone, open up the Google search engine and ask Google whatever we need to ask and it will bombard us with all kinds of information that is available on the internet.

Google Search has another quite cool feature called Google Suggest or Autocomplete. As useful as the Google search autocomplete feature can be, it seems that one of its greatest functions is a source of comic relief. You know why? Because most of these search queries are relatively mundane but, every once in a while you’ll come across something that will almost certainly leave you scratching your head or make you go ROFL.


Scroll on to see what we are really talking about in our curated list below and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Have you ever wanted to pretend you're a carrot?

  2. 2 Calm down Google wtf

  3. 3 That really is annoying

  4. 4 Transparent teeth are a thing now


  5. 5 How come?

  6. 6 Am I going to be infected?

  7. 7 I would like to agree

  8. 8 Asking google how to use google

  9. 9 Are you hungry muthaphuka?

  10. 10 Jesus can do anything

  11. 11 Always been looking for it

  12. 12 Comic sans is the font for lonely people

  13. 13 The whole world right now

  14. 14 Have you ever thought of it?

  15. 15 These pet laws are driving me nuts

  16. 16 Every teen girl in high school

  17. 17 Why does he wear panties?

  18. 18 Make that salad already!!

  19. 19 Children are actually a good diet for higher IQ

  20. 20 The circuit might get broken

  21. 21 When the thoughts get jumbled up

  22. 22 The reason for green poop anyone? Vegans?

  23. 23 13,400 people do that

  24. 24 Real life problems

  25. 25 Get him some estrogen ASAP

  26. 26 Go get the antidote

  27. 27 That should be fun

  28. 28 Big Bird is my leader

  29. 29 That escalated very quickly

  30. 30 Can the poop swim?

  31. 31 Somebody explain

  32. 32 I need answers


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