30 Hilariously Inappropriate Packaging and Labelling Fails


Have you ever read a label on something and wondered how in the world it made out of the factory? Or ever witnessed a recognizable product in a package that was clearly not designed for it? “That can’t be right,” you think to yourself! “Maybe there was a flat-out mistake in the factory.”

Packaging design or labeling should be fairly simple, yet there are a few people who still mess it up by taking a hilariously wrong turn. From completely inappropriate slogans to just simply the wrong packaging, listed below are 30 inappropriate packaging and labeling fails that will definitely make you go ROFL.


Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 They were horny species, indeed!

  2. 2 I don't get the shape of it

  3. 3 The best offer you'll find today

  4. 4 Did a mistake? Never mind, use this soap and revert it!


  5. 5 I'm not sure if I would want that

  6. 6 Wanna try our cocky soup?

  7. 7 Natural Energy Indeed

  8. 8 In human terms, we call them pumpkins

  9. 9 May-be-baby

  10. 10 Try the new Fine Fart coloring range

  11. 11 Illusion 1000

  12. 12 I hope he has hair on his shoulders at least

  13. 13 They literally meant it

  14. 14 Megapussi - When you ask a friend to come out and he says mum isn't letting him come.

  15. 15 That's as classy as they can get

  16. 16 Munch on them breasts

  17. 17 What time is it?

  18. 18 In mood for rice?

  19. 19 I need it for my girlfriend

  20. 20 Here's some frozen super piss

  21. 21 What's the worst name for a hot drink?

  22. 22 I'd like some Fish Assholes as my side order please

  23. 23 Wanna know what it tastes like?

  24. 24 The youth on Earth could really use it

  25. 25 You talkin to me?

  26. 26 I know it's in German but still sounds very wrong

  27. 27 The worst possible positioning

  28. 28 Revealing more than she should


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