30 Hilariously Embarrassing Texting Fails


Ah, the text fails. An awkward situation for all involved!

Smartphones have us hooked to texts. People literally spend hour’s texting their friends and crushes. However, we have all faced the embarrassment of auto-correct at one point or the other and wished that we could somehow delete the texts that we’ve already sent from our phone.


The worst-case scenario about texting is that it’s worse than talking because once a text is sent; it’s automatically saved and can be easily shared via screenshots. We’ve all seen text screenshots popping up on our timelines. Some of them can be super funny.

Scroll on to see our compiled list of 30 hilariously embarrassing texting fails that will make you laugh out loud. Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 I hope he's not on his honeymoon

  2. 2 Going heterosexual in front of mom? Not a good idea

  3. 3 He got what he wanted

  4. 4 At least now he knows what he's gotta do upon getting home


  5. 5 Vagina is a funny nick name

  6. 6 An auto correct mistake can cost you your friendship

  7. 7 He'll have doubts for months now

  8. 8 That was a burn

  9. 9 When your mom always had a hunch about you being gay

  10. 10 You don't wanna though your dad out

  11. 11 Wait... what?!

  12. 12 He did this on purpose

  13. 13 Guess who's up for a beating

  14. 14 Human Beef must be tasty

  15. 15 December fools!

  16. 16 I do not do drugs. Okay?!

  17. 17 Someone got really Srunk last night

  18. 18 Just an innocent question from the cat

  19. 19 Where do I look for gums?

  20. 20 My mom is the sweetest

  21. 21 Dicks could do the job too

  22. 22 This is how it all started

  23. 23 When your mom thinks you run Google

  24. 24 Hang, bang, it's all the same

  25. 25 The worst mother-son conversation of all time!

  26. 26 She never understands in the first attempt

  27. 27 This message is as useless as me

  28. 28 Nerdy justice got served

  29. 29 This is Awkward

  30. 30 Pillow forts are the best!


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