35 Hilariously Embarrassing Photoshop Mistakes of All Time


They say Photoshop can do magic. It’s true! Photoshop empowers you to come up with all sorts of artworks that you may use for marketing your product or cause. But to work the magic of photoshop, the person using it needs a keen eye or otherwise, the results will end up into embarrassing photoshop blunders. Some folks may lose their hand in the photo during editing phase while some may end up with an extra leg, sounds insanely funny! Isn’t it?


In this post, we have listed 35 photos of hilarious photoshop mistakes of all time. These photos will surely make you laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Be very careful while using this amazing software or else you’ll end up just like these folks below *wink*:

  1. 1 Photoshop took her leg

  2. 2 Which hand is that? Left or right?

  3. 3 Photoshop gives you the curves

  4. 4 It's a game of eyes


  5. 5 He has 3D children

  6. 6 The secret partner

  7. 7 When you break up but only have photos with your ex

  8. 8 Awww yisss finally a shower that works with my broken neck

  9. 9 Not sure if this is the right sub, but this online store photoshopped front facing underwear onto a model facing backwards

  10. 10 The Arm... Oh God...

  11. 11 Can you do this with your legs?

  12. 12 So this is how you play guitar?

  13. 13 This picture was on my pasta box. What did they do to her?!

  14. 14 That's not how you use a selfie stick

  15. 15 Evil Twin spotted

  16. 16 Spot the mistake. Photoshop pros at work.

  17. 17 The right arm is beyond "tailor-made"

  18. 18 The many hands of Michelle Obama

  19. 19 The attention to detail is unreal.

  20. 20 The scaling is so bad...

  21. 21 Someone should tell this women her belly button is in the wrong place....

  22. 22 She seems to have a physical abnormality

  23. 23 This shirt has 4D writing on it

  24. 24 He really blends in with his girl

  25. 25 Hair line you can drive a car through

  26. 26 Who cares about one leg being shorter than the other. Just focus on the dress fellas.

  27. 27 Do I see an extra arm?

  28. 28 There's a kid hiding behind him

  29. 29 Well, the Atletico fans look exactly the same

  30. 30 Welcome from me and my friend

  31. 31 She'll slap the life outta you

  32. 32 Arms longer than most people

  33. 33 The T-Rex laugh

  34. 34 When nobody holds your hand so you do it yourself

  35. 35 Where's the belly button?


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