32 Hilariously Creative “Elf on the Shelf” Ideas That Will Make You Giggle


With multiple days left until Christmas arrives, you may be struggling to come up with creative ways to display your Elf. The Elf on the Shelf is there to keep an eye on the kids and let them know Christmas is coming, but he can be high maintenance when you’re fresh out of ideas because elf on the Shelf is the new Christmas craze sweeping parents and children across the globe.
If we’re being honest, the tradition puts a lot of pressure on parents to keep coming up with creative scenarios and that’s why we bet, some adults wish they’d go back to Santa for good *wink* It’s one thing to have to remember to set them up every night before bed, but it’s a whole other thing to have to think of creative ideas that won’t feel boring or disappointing to your kids! So, don’t worry folks! We have got you covered for this year’s Christmas.
Listed up in this post are 32 hilariously creative “Elf on the Shelf” ideas. Scroll on peeps and give them a try!

  1. 1 The elf did it.

  2. 2 At least lock the door, man.

  3. 3 Where is the money?

  4. 4 If Dan Bilzerian was an elf.


  5. 5 Elf in a Self...ie

  6. 6 I got you a toilet for your birthday, you shit.

  7. 7 You didn't see anything.

  8. 8 That's for Olaf.

  9. 9 You're going to tell me where they keep all the ice cream or else.

  10. 10 For Santa.

  11. 11 Learn to hold your liquor.

  12. 12 Last known photo of The Elf on the Shelf.

  13. 13 Elf BIlzerian alright.

  14. 14 Hot chocolate addiction is one of the deep, dark secrets of the Elf community

  15. 15 That's a little too PG.

  16. 16 Snorting sugar, are we?

  17. 17 Halloween party.

  18. 18 Pea'd myself.

  19. 19 Came in like a wrecking ball.

  20. 20 Do you even lift, bro?

  21. 21 Taking the ladies out.

  22. 22 It's all about patience.

  23. 23 It has magical properties.

  24. 24 She just needs a little work.

  25. 25 A little vacay.

  26. 26 Freddy's been a naughty elf.

  27. 27 Let it go!

  28. 28 I guess Elf on the Shelf has a day job too.

  29. 29 This is what happens when my adult son comes over to house sit over the weekend

  30. 30 Aren't they pwetty.

  31. 31 I respect the honesty.

  32. 32 Does it count as Photoshopping if I used Paintshop pro instead?


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