30 Hilariously Adorable Cows Who Think They are Dogs


When you think of adopting a pet, cows are rarely the animals that come into mind especially if you’re a city fanatic, though there are plenty of fun facts about these farmyard animals that make them quite interesting creatures for adoption. For instance, they have an approximately 360-degree panoramic vision and they become pregnant for 9 months at a time just like humans do. They also spend 8 hours a day eating, 8 hours chewing the cud, and another 8 hours sleeping. But most importantly, studies have shown that they “are social animals who have shown emotional intelligence” just like our favorite furry friends who we usually raise for a pet. Surprised eh? Well, don’t be folks because cows are more similar to dogs than you think and they can also be a man’s best friend.


Scroll on to see our compiled list of 20 photos of hilariously adorable cows who think they are dogs. Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Licking isn't for cows, is it?

  2. 2 Me looking at my crush like

  3. 3 Here's a good boy

  4. 4 When you're living the dog life


  5. 5 Best buddies for life


  6. 6 That one kid everyone loves in the family

  7. 7 They call me "good boy"

  8. 8 It licks what it likes

  9. 9 True love does exist

  10. 10 When mum goes to the market but asks you to wait in the car

  11. 11 Because good boys are good posers

  12. 12 That's what women fall for

  13. 13 When life is sad and you can't do shit about it

  14. 14 It's Christmas time

  15. 15 My cow thinks he's a dog... We left the door open for 5 minutes

  16. 16 Finding true love isn't easy

  17. 17 She's got a bodyguard

  18. 18 Just brought my dog out for a walk

  19. 19 We've got a new dog. No idea what breed this is though.

  20. 20 She's got a second mommy

  21. 21 Bear huggies

  22. 22 Who needs a man

  23. 23 The package is being transported

  24. 24 Having multiple dogs is a really hard job

  25. 25 Feed me hooman

  26. 26 Time to go for a ride

  27. 27 When you find THE ONE

  28. 28 Give me all the love please

  29. 29 Sleeping on the fur

  30. 30 Adopted this baby today


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