30 Hilarious Security Guard Fails


We all want to be as safe as possible, and this is why we take our security very seriously. Some people start inventing their own protection systems while many others enforce preventative measures by hiring a security guard to protect their assets from a variety of hazards.


Although it is not funny when it comes to national security still there are countless hilarious pictures of security guards on the internet that will make you go ROFL because the shift of most security guards is quite tiring as it includes monitoring entrances, securing doors or viewing security cameras. Listed below are 30 hilarious security guard fails. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 That's rude but kinda true

  2. 2 When you do 24 hour shifts without sleep

  3. 3 Sneaking up on him ain't so hard

  4. 4 Stop him if you can


  5. 5 I'll need the backstory behind this

  6. 6 The police is here to help the people indeed

  7. 7 Protecting important resources

  8. 8 "Sleeping on duty is not allowed", they said

  9. 9 Keeping a close look on the assets

  10. 10 Using her own camouflage skills to hide in plain sight

  11. 11 Hey look, I'm over speeding. Give me a ticket

  12. 12 When the summer heat strikes

  13. 13 He's so badass that only his image is enough to keep the burglars away

  14. 14 Nobody would steal plants I guess

  15. 15 Give me some justice with extra ketchup

  16. 16 What a thorough search looks like

  17. 17 Checking in all the right places

  18. 18 Drugs could be anywhere

  19. 19 Monitoring the ins and outs 24/7

  20. 20 Sleeping monitor

  21. 21 You failed at step 1

  22. 22 That's a very friendly security guard.

  23. 23 Because security on feet is too mainstream

  24. 24 You want "Heavy Security"?

  25. 25 Inmates coming left, right and center

  26. 26 Her expression shows she chose the wrong job

  27. 27 Getting personal with consent isn't a problem

  28. 28 Do you get the resemblance?!

  29. 29 Is this the one that has a story?

  30. 30 Make your choices quickly


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