40 Hilarious Double Meaning Photos Which on Second Look Are Completely Innocent

Our minds are great at playing tricks on us; sometimes we see things that aren’t there! Let’s face it, we’ve all been there at one point or another, our bodies are hard-wired to see the dirt in everything. An unfortunate camera angle can create optical illusions that will manifest the dirty ingenuity hidden in our minds. These photos require long and hard stare to comprehend what’s really going on!

To test the lewd creativity of your mind, we have listed 40 hilarious double meaning photos which are perfectly innocent yet our brains immediately tell something totally different.

Scroll on peeps and take a look!

  1. 1 I never thought Adam Levine would be into stuff like this

  2. 2 A desert or something else?

  3. 3 The jungle is a weird place indeed

  4. 4 Let it rain over me

  5. 5 Just checking for clues

  6. 6 That's what girls do on sleepover nights

  7. 7 I expected better from him...

  8. 8 Please don't do it little one

  9. 9 They're just patterns on wood

  10. 10 Going home after partying all night

  11. 11 Pop the bicep

  12. 12 Does it remind you of something?

  13. 13 Well, that elevated awkwardly

  14. 14 When even the tree squats more than you

  15. 15 Truly said

  16. 16 Cooking in the first year of marriage be like

  17. 17 They totally had me!!

  18. 18 Indirect french kisses are common in Asia

  19. 19 Clean your kid before its too late

  20. 20 The royal desire being expressed

  21. 21 Nature is having some fun with us all today

  22. 22 This ought to turn you on

  23. 23 That's a face and those are lips..

  24. 24 Winnie is having the time of his life

  25. 25 Soft and perfectly shaped

  26. 26 He has no idea what he has done

  27. 27 The tournament organizers did it on purpose

  28. 28 Come here for special treatments only

  29. 29 Marked for life

  30. 30 My office meeting room reminding me of my girlfriend

  31. 31 You wish she had a butt so good

  32. 32 Wait until she realizes what she's doing

  33. 33 a different kind of relay race

  34. 34 Scared me for a bit tbh

  35. 35 Awkward hand positioning makes stuff viral

  36. 36 Concentrate on the girl in white shirt

  37. 37 Nature is full of surprises indeed

  38. 38 Too many jokes in my mind right now

  39. 39 Spidey's got your back for all the quick cleaning

  40. 40 Traveling with extra pleasures

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