33 Hilarious Cooking Memes That Will Make you Laugh


With all the food networks out there, the urgent surge of cooking inspirations always hit us once in a while. Trying a new dish seems like a piece of cake, especially when the internet shows the luscious results of the effort in simple 4 to 5 steps.  While cooking fails may bring some people down, others have learned to laugh at themselves by sharing quite relatable memes. Memes are funny images and jokes that have surpassed all viral content on the internet. They are the best way to convey our feelings when words fail us and that’s why we’re all obsessed with memes.


Scroll on to see 33 hilarious cooking memes listed below that will definitely make you laugh out loud and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Manners can't be skipped

  2. 2 My God he's treated us horribly

  3. 3 Total burn!!

  4. 4 Your steak is so oily America might invade it soon!!


  5. 5 Step 1: Get hot

  6. 6 Damn that pizza looks fine

  7. 7 Posing can be dangerous

  8. 8 Look at the end product

  9. 9 Should keep the same level of excitement

  10. 10 Quite soothing I must say

  11. 11 Cooking isn't an art I have mastered yet

  12. 12 Not my girl

  13. 13 The excitement goes away

  14. 14 Who said they're made in the gym?

  15. 15 Perfectly made cereal

  16. 16 I'm keen on geometry

  17. 17 My cooking skills assure me that it's coming from the oven

  18. 18 To each their own

  19. 19 When daddy cooks

  20. 20 Life of a loner

  21. 21 Ever heard of those before?

  22. 22 Story of my life

  23. 23 It hurts in the feels

  24. 24 One must follow the rules

  25. 25 Every mommy ever

  26. 26 This happened the last time I cooked. Notice the ceiling please.

  27. 27 It go Kaboom

  28. 28 Guess we should leave it to the pros

  29. 29 Here I am!!

  30. 30 I'll eat skittles day and night if she cooks them

  31. 31 I have short term memory loss when it comes to food

  32. 32 That mini heart attack

  33. 33 Then what you gonna cook?!


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