29 Hilarious Comics of Couples That Will Make Your Day


Being in love is so much more than just butterflies and roses. When you’re in love and you share your lives with each other you’re together in all the good, the bad and the ugly stages of your life. We often see the happy days romanticized in movies, and the bad days dramatized in stories. However relationships are the most beautiful in not just those happy and bad days, but in all the days in between. They’re the most beautiful in all the little pranks the partners play on each other to tease each other or play with each other. 

This aspect of relationships has been highlighted beautifully by Yehuda Devir in his “one of those days “comics. These comics are quite popular worldwide and have a following of more than 3 million. 


Listed in this post are 29 awesome illustrations from “one of those days comics” scroll on and enjoy peeps. You can learn more about this comic series on these links: Facebook| Instagram



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