40 Hilariously Literal Jokes That You Will Instantly Share With Your Friends


The internet is full of witty humor and hilarious jokes. However, Comedy is a diverse and varied genre; no two people have exactly the same tastes when it comes to what’s funny and what isn’t. A good fart joke, for instance, can easily split opinions into the humor posts, while wit or wordplay also isn’t everyone’s idea of a pun. But, literal jokes are the one thing that people enjoy a lot more than often.


Let’s start the laugh meter with these 40 hilariously literal jokes listed up in this post that will definitely make you roll on the floor laughing. We bet you will instantly share this post with your friends because they too good to ignore. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 How to scare the crap out of your mother

  2. 2 Science can really help you at times

  3. 3 Is that better now?

  4. 4 Not a spoiler


  5. 5 I wonder what's the under root

  6. 6 It ought to keep the doctor away

  7. 7 So the term "egg" is not known to all

  8. 8 If she can make saves like those, she's definitely a keeper

  9. 9 Just stating some facts on live TV

  10. 10 My girlfriend would be so triggered rn

  11. 11 Perspective matters most

  12. 12 Something doesn't add up

  13. 13 Aliens be like "Are we a joke to you?"

  14. 14 There's some trolling going on here

  15. 15 What's the worst name you could give to a wall clock?

  16. 16 I can't believe what I just read

  17. 17 Evaporated milk LITERALLY

  18. 18 The weather news have officially run out of business

  19. 19 Point to ponder

  20. 20 Something along those lines

  21. 21 When you can't accept the truth

  22. 22 This was done elaborately

  23. 23 Would this be enough?

  24. 24 You don't say?!

  25. 25 Be right there!!

  26. 26 She took it too literally

  27. 27 Gravitational pull explained with a joke

  28. 28 They made a whole sign just for my head

  29. 29 It's not possible

  30. 30 Winter doesn't effect the size

  31. 31 Pun intended

  32. 32 You can only get throat cancer if you have a throat

  33. 33 What should I do?

  34. 34 It becomes an emergency

  35. 35 Surveillance done right

  36. 36 Only changes the color a bit

  37. 37 They finally accepted it


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