43 Genius Designers Who Know Exactly What We Need


You know, you definitely don’t have to think of Einstein, Thomas Edison or Graham Bell, every time you hear the word “inventor or a genius.” There are some of the coolest designers out there in our world who didn’t invent any physics laws, light bulbs or telephones but they created things that make you shout out loud, “It’s Friggin’ Genius!” Because they made simple things that we never thought of could make our everyday life much more easier. Yes, folks! There are people who try to fix their everyday problems with ways that are wacky at the least but creative enough to get the job done.


Listed in this post are 43 photos of incredibly cool things that are made by some wildly genius designers who know exactly what we need. These people surely deserve a big round of applause because we know these seemingly simple ideas must’ve taken a lot of creativity and technological prowess. So, check them out yourself and scroll on peeps!

  1. 1 Two way toothpaste

  2. 2 The best invention ever.

  3. 3 This cat keyboard guard

  4. 4 A Lock for Nutella


  5. 5 Pool float for a mom-to-be

  6. 6 This glass holder attached to the plates for a flying lunch.

  7. 7 This banana peel floor sign

  8. 8 Bottled water shaped like a dumbbell

  9. 9 Lego-slippers....No more pain!

  10. 10 AeroBull speakers

  11. 11 Ballerina water fountains

  12. 12 Certain subways in Japan give a helping hand with your bike

  13. 13 If you’re elderly or disabled, you will receive a card that enables you to cross the road with a longer countdown time (Singapore)

  14. 14 My shower head shows you how hot the water is!

  15. 15 My local local DM has tiny magnifying glasses attached to their carts so you can see the tiny letters on drugs

  16. 16 These real fight pillows

  17. 17 An umbrella dryer

  18. 18 This faucet at my house has a medium temperature setting

  19. 19 By far the grooviest safest bike for driving your children around

  20. 20 This flash drive shows how full it is

  21. 21 This tool that keeps books propped open

  22. 22 A chair with bag holder

  23. 23 This library wall where you can literally ‘grab a seat

  24. 24 A bus with this folding so you can relax

  25. 25 A rotating bicycle parking rack

  26. 26 Glowing Bike Path

  27. 27 My city has a bike fixing station in the middle of their bike path

  28. 28 Pizza Vending machine

  29. 29 A basketball hoop trashcan

  30. 30 Build-in Extension

  31. 31 Easy to Clean

  32. 32 Musical Shower

  33. 33 Kernel Strainer bowl

  34. 34 Mirror Wipper

  35. 35 A sunshine induced sign

  36. 36 These casual faux grass sandals from my local thrift shop

  37. 37 Soy sauce dishes that “reveal” a painting once you fill them up

  38. 38 An Ad Warsaw, Poland

  39. 39 That's one neat space saving design.

  40. 40 The hardwood floor grew a table.

  41. 41 A thundercloud Chandelier!

  42. 42 A basket bed

  43. 43 2 in 1 slippers


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