34 Funny Yet Creative Fruit Carvings By Talented People


Art can manifest itself anywhere, even in fruits as well.  Carving art on fruits has become a sign of attraction for many people around the globe. The carved fruit becomes a masterpiece of sculpture through slicing and dicing the delicate flesh of strawberries, lemons, watermelon, apples, etc. No matter if the person doing the carving is a chef or home cook, fruit carvings are usually received with surprise and delight because they are simply a beautiful form of art that has gained quite a lot of popularity over the past few years.

In fruit carving art, artists’ use the flesh and rinds to create color contrast and make the intricate patterns pop through exquisite appearances. Every year, competitions are held all around the world to encourage budding artists to display their imaginations in the form of fruit art.


In this post, we have listed 34 funny yet creative fruit carvings by talented people found on the internet. Scroll on peeps and take a look!

  1. 1 I can imagine that watermelon tasting fishy.

  2. 2 Old school tough guy.

  3. 3 Why does it look like he's going Super Saiyan.

  4. 4 Just beautiful.


  5. 5 Davy Jones.

  6. 6 Now that's what I call presentation.

  7. 7 Watermelon Frog.

  8. 8 He looks like he's just about to say something.

  9. 9 Amazing Samurai mask.

  10. 10 Super fly Mayan statue.

  11. 11 The level of detail on that rooster is amazing.

  12. 12 Such a cute little fruit basket.

  13. 13 That's a little disturbing.

  14. 14 Dracarys.

  15. 15 Frankenstein's Watermelon.

  16. 16 Who's about to bite who?

  17. 17 I'm a little scared to even touch it.

  18. 18 Fruit demon.

  19. 19 The really do multiply like crazy.

  20. 20 Now that's a salad I can appreciate.

  21. 21 Annoying Halloween pumpkin carving.

  22. 22 What you looking at, Sonny?

  23. 23 How did he even come up with the idea?

  24. 24 RUN!!!

  25. 25 Banana pigeons.

  26. 26 This is why I don't like apples

  27. 27 Charizard?

  28. 28 Android fruit bear.

  29. 29 That's cute.

  30. 30 What are you guys laughing at?

  31. 31 What did you do to Bob?

  32. 32 I'll eat your soul.

  33. 33 Right before impact.

  34. 34 Will still scare the life out of my mom.


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