30 Funny Texts From People With Amazing Sense of Humour


We all want to laugh out loud and remove all the stress and pressures that life has to offer in these modern times. We all love those people who have a knack of somehow changing our gloomy moods into cheerful ones by making us laugh. These people, who have an amazing sense of humor, are almost always liked by everybody in their social circle as they keep the mood light where ever they go.  They can make anyone laugh effortlessly no matter where they are. They’ll make you laugh at work, at home, in hospitals and even during texting.


Listed up in this post are 30 funny texts from people with an amazing sense of humor.  Scroll on and enjoy peeps. If you have people with a good sense of humor who can send you these kinds of texts, don’t forget to share this post with them to let them know that you’re thinking of them!

  1. 1 Truly Inspirational!

  2. 2 GRASSY ASS!

  3. 3 English 101.

  4. 4 Hold on what?


  5. 5 Drink some water.

  6. 6 That would've been weird, even for a dream.

  7. 7 Well, That's Fantastic!

  8. 8 Three inches is three inches.

  9. 9 Cereal is TOP priority.

  10. 10 This is how you start a conversation.

  11. 11 Walmart, I guess.

  12. 12 That is one good lookin' cat.

  13. 13 Answer the question.

  14. 14 Lightly fried fish fillets.

  15. 15 The Lizard King?

  16. 16 Yeah, that's pretty high.

  17. 17 Well, that's awkward.

  18. 18 I gotchu.

  19. 19 That's pretty dark.

  20. 20 This is Dog!

  21. 21 Michael Cera

  22. 22 Sure?

  23. 23 Corn staring Matthew Mcconaughey!

  24. 24 Psycic.

  25. 25 Time is relative.

  26. 26 Interrogation.

  27. 27 Awww.

  28. 28 Or maybe they wanna release a new pop song.

  29. 29 Hey, that's a keeper.

  30. 30 That's not fair.


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