30 Funny Surreal Photography That Will Not Only Make You Laugh But Also Blow Your Mind


Surreal Photography is about creating a world of imagination that goes beyond the physical world. Whether the results are realistic or out of this world, surreal photos can gladly portray the casual experience as extraordinary through balancing reality with imaginations

There are some photographers who don’t believe in cliché-perfect photography. Instead, they look to highlight the finer details that will ultimately tell a story through their work.  Though some have a good sense of humor than others and they ultimately add up some fun excerpt to their photos as well. It has taken the world by storm, merging different realities to create funny imaginative ones. Surreal Photography helps one break all boundaries and limitations of traditional photography and thereby it gives life to new thoughts and ideas.


Scroll on to see our curated list of 30 funny surreal photography that will not only make you laugh but also blow your mind. Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Bigger than the Big Ben

  2. 2 He got inspired from the movie "Up"

  3. 3 When you keep on praising yourself

  4. 4 The rocket worked


  5. 5 Suicide attempt on the highway

  6. 6 Only if they could fly outside of water

  7. 7 Knock out kick

  8. 8 My head in the summer heat

  9. 9 Makeup tutorials fixing my face like

  10. 10 What goes on under a photographer's head

  11. 11 My toe when I stumble it upon furniture

  12. 12 When you're drunk and she asks for a dance

  13. 13 Me during Skype calls with people I really wanna see

  14. 14 Here comes the most deadly weapon I have

  15. 15 Do we have a laundry around here?

  16. 16 Life after having kids

  17. 17 My shadow follows me all the time

  18. 18 Life in a bubble

  19. 19 Gimme some feet

  20. 20 Eye to eye

  21. 21 Kitty's gonna cause a Tsunami

  22. 22 Putting lenses in my eyes like

  23. 23 Putting on a new face every day

  24. 24 Cleaning all the garbage up

  25. 25 Welcome to the circus

  26. 26 My doggo is bigger than yours

  27. 27 In a parallel universe

  28. 28 When you put on too much makeup

  29. 29 Her lips are softer than spring leafs

  30. 30 Explain this species


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