30 Funny Summer Memes That are Instantly Relatable


Yes, we know many of us are in love with summers; we spend most of the year wishing for the summer to come along. But, you can’t deny the fact that as soon as it does come along; we usually wish it would just end already as we melt in a puddle of goo from roasting-hot days that come straight from Hell.

Summer can be a blast, no doubt especially the vacations, late night parties, bikinis and loads of cold booze drinking but, as soon as the hot temperature kicks in, it can also be a kind of miserable time which can ultimately break all the illusions.


In this post, we have listed 30 funny summer memes that you’ll find instantly relatable with summertime. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 That's how you prepare for the summers!

  2. 2 Why did you feed me so much pizza mom?

  3. 3 Just don't like summers!

  4. 4 True that!


  5. 5 Who said anything about diet in summers?

  6. 6 When you just can't handle summers!

  7. 7 Happens to my cat all the time!

  8. 8 It burns bad!

  9. 9 Things boys do for love ...

  10. 10 Someone said food??

  11. 11 The energy will last only a couple of days!

  12. 12 We feel for you beer ...

  13. 13 I don't think it's made for me ...

  14. 14 He hates them too!

  15. 15 Oh yeah!

  16. 16 Seems to have worked for him!

  17. 17 The heat made me lazy ....

  18. 18 Just 120? Not a problem!

  19. 19 When food is your top priority in summers!

  20. 20 I better wear something ...

  21. 21 How am I supposed to sleep in this heat??

  22. 22 Literally on fire!

  23. 23 It sucks indeed!

  24. 24 Exactly!

  25. 25 Got to impress the girls with them abs!

  26. 26 Only way to deal with summers!

  27. 27 Well played!

  28. 28 You have to deal with bees in summers!

  29. 29 Couldn't have explained it any better!

  30. 30 Making use of the available resources ...


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