35 Funny Struggling Situations Proving That Our World is Not Made for Tall People


Everyone should own up to who they are. They should often be reminded that it’s OK and fun to be different whether they’re tall, short, skinny or curvy. Sometimes it can be challenging to fit in any conventional mold due to your unconventional appearance especially when it seems that the whole world was built on the basis of 5’6″ for males and 5’2″ for females’ height numbers. The giants among us have to deal with a lot of tiny troubles and inconveniences that make their life a little bit tough.

Low ceilings, dumpy dresses, short heighted love partners and stuffy seats in the public transport don’t even begin to describe the daily struggles tall people have to face all the time.


In this post, we have listed up a collection of almost 35 funny struggling situations of tall people that prove our world is not made for them. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Share this post with your tall friends to mess with them.

  1. 1 Who should I blame for this?

  2. 2 My almost 2 meters tall friend is having some trouble at the ATM

  3. 3 Need the white background to be spot on

  4. 4 Tall people problems


  5. 5 The house was designed for smaller people

  6. 6 My tall friend's solution to using an elliptical

  7. 7 I'm moving away from my 4'9" sidekick. I'm going to miss this.

  8. 8 When you go into a Dwarf's toilet

  9. 9 Went on vacation on our family's boat... this is my attempt at taking a shower.

  10. 10 The gains are out of control here

  11. 11 Jumping on the work desk bandwagon

  12. 12 They make sure nobody sees you

  13. 13 A Dutch employee gets interviewed by Chinese media

  14. 14 This is how my mum and I hug now

  15. 15 Living in the tiny barbie world

  16. 16 Thus the showercap looses its purpose...

  17. 17 When your height lets you down

  18. 18 When you're 6'10 and want to drive your Aventador

  19. 19 Spotted in the washroom at work...

  20. 20 The school management didn't prepare for this

  21. 21 Always have to book 2 seats for me

  22. 22 The problems of a dutchman in China

  23. 23 Tall people exclusives

  24. 24 Pretty sure he doesn't know

  25. 25 Me cancelling plans with my friends to stay home like

  26. 26 Just about fitting

  27. 27 Tall girls have some serious mirror selfie issues

  28. 28 Can't a tall man enjoy a bath?

  29. 29 Do you have something in big foot size?

  30. 30 The gardener needs to know about this

  31. 31 So I bought one of those shirts...

  32. 32 Shopping wasn't so hard before

  33. 33 Spotted this at a bar last night, tall girl problems

  34. 34 New apartment, new thing to smack my head on.

  35. 35 Get yourself a tall man that cooks


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