30 Funny Single Life Memes That Every Single Person can Relate to


Are you still single or bitter, jilted or jaded by the cruel reality of your love life? Have you been moping around a lot lately asking yourself, “why am I single?” Don’t be sad, it’s not your fault… well, hopefully *wink*.

Every single person has gone through a phase where they couldn’t take their loneliness anymore. But trust us friends, being single can mean levels of independence and freedom that people in a committed relationship can’t even fathom. To cheer up all the lonely souls out there, we have listed down 30 funny single life memes that every single person can relate to.  These memes are so hilarious that we bet by the end of this post, you’ll be laughing out loud. So, start your laugh meters and enjoy because the single life may be lonely, but it’s also pretty liberating.


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  1. 1 No dinner dates... again!

  2. 2 Taken by boredom

  3. 3 Don't touch me or I'll stink

  4. 4 Something has always been missing


  5. 5 Third wheeling for life

  6. 6 Sleeping with my demons

  7. 7 Mr. Bean taught us an important lesson

  8. 8 The Lord isn't too sure about that

  9. 9 Who should I shave them for?

  10. 10 What do I do with all this cuteness?

  11. 11 Someone? Anyone?!

  12. 12 In a relationship with my food

  13. 13 Even time has given up on me

  14. 14 When it's Totally not fine

  15. 15 Living that single loner life

  16. 16 What studies? Who did these studies?

  17. 17 Pizza is the true bae

  18. 18 Will someone ever admire them?

  19. 19 When "age is just a number" backfires

  20. 20 Decisions decisions

  21. 21 Living my 20s to the most

  22. 22 Bad news followed by a greeting often helps

  23. 23 You're talking to the wrong woman sir

  24. 24 It's all because of your genes

  25. 25 Ready. Set. Lets get married!

  26. 26 I thought life was easier on this side...

  27. 27 Its a never ending cycle

  28. 28 I've tried telling them otherwise a lot of times

  29. 29 Time for some Flamingle

  30. 30 When you accept your fate


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