35 Funny Photos That Will Make You Say “Go Home, You are Drunk”


“Go Home, You Are Drunk” is a phrase used to point out someone else’s failure or misplaced objects, similar to other popular phrases like You’re Doing It Wrong or Buzz killing. This phrase first appeared on the internet in 2008 and ever since then it has been making its way around for years. And we don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon.

Listed in this post are 35 incredibly funny photos that will instantly make you say, “Go Home, You are Drunk.”


Sit back, scroll down and get ready to laugh out loud. These hilarious photos will make you go ROFL!

  1. 1 Miley being her true self again

  2. 2 This is exactly how I feel when my crush gives me mixed signals

  3. 3 Will you be my Sunday?

  4. 4 Defying the laws of physics


  5. 5 You want some fresh mil delivered to your door step?

  6. 6 Me taking my friend home after a party night

  7. 7 What do you aim to be when you grow up? A train...

  8. 8 When you really don't pay the workers to do their job

  9. 9 She forgot she's a sea creature

  10. 10 Quickly check his alcohol levels

  11. 11 Living the high life. real estate mode

  12. 12 Can you do a split?

  13. 13 Our copy machine can also make sandwiches

  14. 14 Spot the eyes if you can

  15. 15 Go home Apple.... you're drunk!

  16. 16 He actually is very, very drunk

  17. 17 Living on top of the world... literally

  18. 18 Me when my crush walks by in the dark

  19. 19 The twists and turns of nature

  20. 20 Spongebob caught a viral cold

  21. 21 Trying some railroads for fun

  22. 22 Wanna go to Narnia?

  23. 23 Flexibility is a special trait not all trucks possess

  24. 24 The painting guy was surely hungover

  25. 25 Guess what time is it?

  26. 26 Always the odd one out

  27. 27 How do my new Denims look?

  28. 28 Ruined the weed plantation for sure

  29. 29 The truck tried to fly out of Earth's orbit

  30. 30 When the trampoline plays with itself

  31. 31 Never let the hunger takeover

  32. 32 Checkout my new jeans guys

  33. 33 How women pose for a selfie

  34. 34 Race track optical illusion successfully executed

  35. 35 Dexter has developed a taste for steel


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