30 Funny Photos Showing What Bad Hair Day Would Look Like


Imagine you’ve got only 10 minutes, you’re running late, and your hair is sticking up in all the wrong places. You try water, hair spray, gel, wearing it up, wearing it down. Nothing works. This is what we all call the bad hair day, folks! Sure, there are worse things in life, but let’s face it, having a bad hair day is quite a nightmare which can make you downright cranky.

Whether your frizzes make you look like a poodle or your dry hair are just too flat, when your crowning glory is misbehaving, it can ruin even the best of times. However, there are people who have had it much worse.


In this post, we have listed up 30 funny photos showing what bad hair day would look like. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 If my hair could replicate my emotions

  2. 2 When something really heavy falls on your head

  3. 3 Spiderman wannabe

  4. 4 When you ride a bike on the freeway without wearing a helmet


  5. 5 The walking tree from Detroit

  6. 6 My hair my choice

  7. 7 I wonder if I put my hair up like that, would it ever come down?

  8. 8 She's got her own WiFi antenna

  9. 9 Find the human

  10. 10 I really hope it's windy tomorrow

  11. 11 Keeping things basic

  12. 12 When your crush says your hair look boring

  13. 13 What is this look called?

  14. 14 Cream topping or poop topping?

  15. 15 At least her head would smell really good

  16. 16 Bad hair day

  17. 17 When you get those perfect curls

  18. 18 When the barber wanted to be a mathematician

  19. 19 Hairline's sharper than most knives

  20. 20 Is she a mutant?

  21. 21 Sorry kids but Elvis is long gone

  22. 22 Anything can look pretty on J Lo... except this

  23. 23 Half hair day

  24. 24 Wayne Rooney has a sister

  25. 25 Noodles on a head

  26. 26 Reptile lovers be like

  27. 27 Ran out of bobby pins. Had to borrow some from your mom's drawer.

  28. 28 The new kinda hot

  29. 29 No hair, no problem

  30. 30 Always living in our memories


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