33 Funny Photos Proving That Driving is NOT for Everyone


While everybody may want to drive, whether everybody actually can drive is another matter. Some people simply suck at driving. They may sit behind the wheel but they have no idea what to do with it. They make stupid mistakes that lead them into dangerous situations. It’s tragic we agree, but it’s also hilarious. 


Listed below are 30 such cases where drivers were either drunk, or frustrated or they just didn’t know how to drive whatever the case this post will make you laugh out loud.

  1. 1 Having high standards can be dangerous

  2. 2 Just saw a Ferrari humping my Mazda. What a lucky day!

  3. 3 Mistakes happen, but manners are important

  4. 4 The party last night got a little out of hand


  5. 5 How? and Why?!

  6. 6 It's a car sir. You drive it. Please try to understand!

  7. 7 Too Fast Too Furious

  8. 8 Caught in the trap

  9. 9 Double Parking

  10. 10 She managed to do this much damage in an empty parking lot......Slow Clap!

  11. 11 When the driver is a fan of balancing acts

  12. 12 Frustrated drivers on Monday mornings be like

  13. 13 Aiming for the sky

  14. 14 So I went fishing last weekend with my car

  15. 15 I was playing fetch with my car and that's where it ended up

  16. 16 This is emotionally painful

  17. 17 I hope he realized that cars don't fly

  18. 18 Not so fast neither so furious

  19. 19 I told my car it was grounded

  20. 20 Trying to think of possibilities that could cause this

  21. 21 Found my car casually chilling on the corner of a wall

  22. 22 When you're the princess of winter but still can't drive

  23. 23 When the girlfriend says she's home alone but the door is locked

  24. 24 Hanging by a thread

  25. 25 This is how police raids houses in my area

  26. 26 Size does not always matter

  27. 27 This driver deserves a medal

  28. 28 Drunk driving stopped someone from drunk sailing

  29. 29 Saw this car playing hide and seek in the parking lot

  30. 30 Are you also imagining the fall sound in your mind?

  31. 31 This car's got the guts for sure

  32. 32 This Lambo took lessons from the Ferrari that humped my car

  33. 33 So it wasn't just another "little bump"


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