30 Funny Photos Proving Internet is Full of Liars


They say, never judge a book by its cover, a modern adaptation of this timeless wisdom is that we should never judge a person by the information given on the internet.

We all know that internet is a deceptive place. The lure of getting popular on the internet is so addictive that people are compelled to share their information and photos that are artificially enhanced and layered with fake additions to deceive others.


Beware, my friends! Don’t let the internet fool you; reality may be completely opposite to what you see online. Listed up in this post are 30 funny photos that prove the internet is full of liars. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 My 24K Gold Plated Teeth

  2. 2 Blessed, My new ride at the car wash.

  3. 3 Another day as a climber

  4. 4 And then they say women are not dumb


  5. 5 My prince charming

  6. 6 Gotta make it look yummy

  7. 7 Photoshop "experts" be like

  8. 8 The perspective photo sold the product nicely

  9. 9 Caught the liar

  10. 10 “I just love these exotic trees on my way to the beach.

  11. 11 Finally got her back on the water!

  12. 12 Not so massive if you zoom out eh?

  13. 13 My desk for the day

  14. 14 Color grading done right

  15. 15 The rock climbing lifestyle

  16. 16 Not so pretty in real

  17. 17 Behind the scenes

  18. 18 Just chillin’ at the dog show ya’ll. Can’t get these ladies to leave me alone!

  19. 19 All that goes behind the perfect coffee shot

  20. 20 Sitting next to a pretty blond in first class. Life is good

  21. 21 Not quite sure

  22. 22 The bust is real

  23. 23 Oh these pleasant beach days

  24. 24 When you're a pro at Photoshop

  25. 25 I’m thankful for all the help during shoots because it really is NECESSARY

  26. 26 Photography, anywhere, everywhere

  27. 27 Be like this photographer

  28. 28 Lighting game too strong

  29. 29 That supernatural glow


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