30 Funny Olden Time Struggle Memes That Every 90’s Kid Can Relate to


Due to unforgettable nostalgia, every generation looks back at its adolescent days like the best one they had. However, there are several factors that make the 90s kids more special millennials than the others. They grew up in a time of unprecedented technological change.

From GameBoy and Saga to VCRs and Juke boxes, almost everything has changed and evolved. The world saw explosive growth in technology and innovation during the 90s. It was a time when the world leaped into an entirely new era. In short, 90’s time period was awesome, won’t you agree? And only those who got to live during this decade can understand how great it was even with all its struggles.


If you were born in ’90s then prepare yourself to plunge back into the past and recollect on all the coolest things, because we’re about to see 30 funniest memes about the 1990s that 90’s generation will find quite relatable. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 That was THE LIFE

  2. 2 The struggle from old days

  3. 3 Those photos were worth the wait

  4. 4 Pre-Google times


  5. 5 I was not a well dressed child.

  6. 6 Boredom existed even then

  7. 7 This used to be our daily dose of irritation

  8. 8 The Best Summer Mix

  9. 9 Texting back in the days

  10. 10 My favorite hour

  11. 11 Which one was your pick

  12. 12 Easiest way of blocking someone

  13. 13 Height Gainers were pretty common

  14. 14 Fashion hard to understand

  15. 15 I would pay anything for that to not happen

  16. 16 Remember this??

  17. 17 These clingy objects bring back memories

  18. 18 Take it to an expert

  19. 19 This was the ultimate present

  20. 20 Mother helping her son though a tough level in Super Mario Land in 1989.

  21. 21 Story of my life

  22. 22 It kept things basic

  23. 23 Handwork went into watching TV back then

  24. 24 Long distance calls were fun

  25. 25 Burning buttocks

  26. 26 80s Kid Starter Pack

  27. 27 It was the only comical entertainment

  28. 28 Lion King Remastered

  29. 29 Game boy was the perfect travel buddy

  30. 30 Texts meant more at that time


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