30 Funny Home Decoration That Will Spice Your Interior Design


Are you looking to shake things up regarding your home decor? Or have you been struggling with how to transform a blank space in your home? Perhaps fantasizing about how you would decorate your dream home? Well, folks! Whether you just moved into a new place or you’re just tired of your old aesthetic, listed up in this post are almost 30 funny home decorations that will spice your interior design like no other.


Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible interior design ideas, either by experts or DIY enthusiasts. Some make a big impact with just a few elements, while others go all out. So, add a bit of fun side to your decorating ideas and shake things a little bit. We’ve got you covered, with these funny ways to inject more personality into your space. Scroll on peeps to be inspired and ditch the conventional ways of decorating your home!

  1. 1 Wall mount monkey Lamp

  2. 2 Animal lover's 3D wall sticker.

  3. 3 Drunk frog tissue holder.

  4. 4 Animal Bums Coat Hook


  5. 5 This giant Birdsnest bed evolves into a formidable piece of furniture.

  6. 6 Marleen Jansen’s See-Saw Table Explores Mealtime Manners

  7. 7 Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture Glass-Topped Table

  8. 8 When everyday is a party lights.

  9. 9 Totoro bed.

  10. 10 Me and my friends trying to fix something.

  11. 11 Clown nose door handle.

  12. 12 Charge bot.

  13. 13 Have you been reading your books lately?

  14. 14 Lathe Chair by Sebastian Brajkovic

  15. 15 Mr.bright One on a Rope

  16. 16 That hits the spot!

  17. 17 Melting Clock

  18. 18 Good boi lamp.

  19. 19 One too many drinks poster.

  20. 20 Handshake door knob.

  21. 21 When just being a unicorn wasn't unique enough.

  22. 22 Fist bump charger.

  23. 23 Those chairs just make me avert my eyes.

  24. 24 Egg Rug With Yolk Pillows... Tired? Nope! Just Egghausted!

  25. 25 Goodbye.

  26. 26 Who would want this lamp in their house. The dog's taking a dump.

  27. 27 Dining and Coffee Tables with Built-in Games – Practical Furniture for Funny Evenings

  28. 28 Ever wondered how sitting in giant's hands feels like?

  29. 29 Fractured.

  30. 30 Gold Ibis lamp.


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