39 Funny Examples of False Advertisement


When it comes to advertising a product, marketers always try and ploy to lure us in by adorning our interest. Things don’t always turn out the way you suspect them to be, because we do not recognize the reality behind false advertisements due to our out-of-whack expectations.  However, to avoid disappointment it’s always best to tackle and manage your expectations and not take everything you see or hear literally.


In this post, we have listed 39 funny examples of false advertisement that are absolutely more hilarious than devious. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 False advertising. It is just a bag of cats.

  2. 2 Misleading indeed

  3. 3 Who said pandas are cute?

  4. 4 It was meant for smurfs


  5. 5 Roots are healthy as well

  6. 6 So did it live up to your expectations?

  7. 7 Would this satisfy your appetite?

  8. 8 The whopper with whopping advertisement

  9. 9 unopened box of "64 crayon colors" turns out to just be orange

  10. 10 Almost fitted

  11. 11 Not a single nut!

  12. 12 This is f*#king theft if you ask me.

  13. 13 Ice cream Expectations vs Reality

  14. 14 The world is full of illusions my friends

  15. 15 That's why pandas are going extinct

  16. 16 Appearance doesn't matter

  17. 17 Bunny and Santa, close enough

  18. 18 We bought alien balloons.

  19. 19 At least one child fits

  20. 20 I got AirPods with my new iPhone 8??? Oh wait...

  21. 21 You wouldn't believe how noisy these pants are.

  22. 22 What you see in the ad vs what you get

  23. 23 My buddy ordered a this pillow for his daughter.

  24. 24 Neither pants nor socks

  25. 25 Inception 2.0

  26. 26 These sunglasses I ordered

  27. 27 The cruelest fraud in my life!

  28. 28 These smiles look like insidious aliens.

  29. 29 Cotton Candy McFloat

  30. 30 I can only weigh my fingers

  31. 31 This budget Christmas tree.

  32. 32 Great taste, not so great packaging

  33. 33 Olaf has had quite an adventure

  34. 34 This is how much disappointment almost 90 dollars gets you from 1800flowers.com

  35. 35 Biggest letdown I’ve had in a while

  36. 36 Oreo Ice Cream

  37. 37 Chia pet: Expectation Vs. Reality

  38. 38 I better keep it for my kids

  39. 39 Lies, all lies!!


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