30 Fun But Unique Engagement Photo Ideas


Life is full of big moments and big decisions, and getting engaged is definitely one of them. You need to think hard before hitching yourself up to another person for (ideally) the rest of your life because for some, getting engaged can be kind of a big deal. Remember folks! You’re not just exchanging rings and gushing about your spouse-to-be on Instagram, you’re also committing to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. So, to commemorate this life-changing event, photos are must, right? After all, you need them for your social media as well, *wink*.

In today’s modern world contrary to popular belief, engagement photos don’t have to be dull and awkward. You just need to find a few inspirations and your engagement shoot can turn out to be the most memorable one.


From playful and fun to dramatic and romantic, we have listed 30 fun but unique photos ideas that will sweep you off your feet. Keep scrolling to see for yourself and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Don't need no names when you're on the pre-marriage train

  2. 2 Her reaction is beautiful

  3. 3 Family photo of the moment

  4. 4 First beach day after getting married


  5. 5 The only diamond ring I can afford

  6. 6 The target has been acquired

  7. 7 "For the record"

  8. 8 One finger to silence all the haters

  9. 9 She said yes!!

  10. 10 What a way to make an announcement

  11. 11 The women with a yellow umbrella

  12. 12 Pandas in love records present

  13. 13 Our happy moment

  14. 14 Fell in the pumpkin trap

  15. 15 We're engaged for good

  16. 16 Let me take you to the skies

  17. 17 Finally came to the rescue

  18. 18 Time for the union to happen

  19. 19 Mr and Mrs. Carlton

  20. 20 Bite me!

  21. 21 Not even sorry

  22. 22 Third wheeling for life

  23. 23 It's a match made in space

  24. 24 Feasting upon the prey

  25. 25 Start of a new life

  26. 26 Expressions are genuine

  27. 27 Yes, it does

  28. 28 Diversity of the world

  29. 29 I'm happy. I just don't look like it


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