30 Funny But Trippy Ceramic Sculptures


Ceramic comes from the Greek word meaning ‘pottery’.  When one attempts to envision examples of modern ceramics, simple editions and subtle variations on the timeless tradition may come to mind. But, none of the artists working with ceramics could ever be pigeonholed; there are artists who push the boundaries of this age-old practice.

Ceramics sculptures have been reborn in recent years, placed firmly in an art context. They are generally made by taking mixtures of clay, earthen elements, powders, and water and shaping them into desired forms. Once the ceramic has been shaped, it is fired in a high-temperature oven known as a kiln. Numerous artists around the globe create perfect sculptural objects by applying different ceramic techniques.


In this post, we have listed 30 funny but trippy ceramic sculptures that are worth your time. Do you now any ceramic artists? Well, don’t forget to share this post with them.

  1. 1 Gorgeously flowing.

  2. 2 Every time I go over to grandma's.

  3. 3 Hat trick.

  4. 4 How ballerina's evolved.


  5. 5 I have no idea what that's supposed to be.

  6. 6 Imagine walking up to that at night.

  7. 7 Can someone call the bobble head police department.

  8. 8 Looks like something straight outta the Addams Family's house.

  9. 9 Let me give you a hand.

  10. 10 The vase must've done something to deserve that kung fu beatdown.

  11. 11 Looks like something out of mythos.

  12. 12 Scream cake.

  13. 13 My face when I see an ad I can't skip.

  14. 14 Tea spirits in love.

  15. 15 If I ever see that in church, I ain't never going back.

  16. 16 Really have to work on my squats.

  17. 17 Not a care in the world.

  18. 18 That is just twisted.

  19. 19 Demonic plant.

  20. 20 I can already imagine them rolling towards me.

  21. 21 Meow!

  22. 22 Good boi.

  23. 23 At peace.

  24. 24 What a great smile.

  25. 25 When you thought you could make it on broadway.

  26. 26 Woops, should've really worn my belt.

  27. 27 The mastermind.

  28. 28 This is really disturbing.

  29. 29 Something straight out of a nightmare.

  30. 30 Did someone order sleep deprivation.

  31. 31 Those masks are creepy as hell.


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