36 Funny and Strange Balloon Costumes


Just when you thought you have seen all the weird fashion trends, you find yourself face to face with something weirder than your weirdest dreams.  In the fast-evolving fashion industry, Designers and artists try to bring something unique and different; they expect common people to follow those trends. But sometimes the craze of those designs is not that much effective, rather people find them funny and odd.

Often there are costumes that are so awkward and strange that the wearer becomes cool just for having the guts to wear it. Recently, we stumbled upon a strange fashion trend of balloon costumes that will make you go laugh out loud. With this new emerging trend of balloon costumes the love of balloons doesn’t have to be limited to just kids, it’s a joy that can be shared by people of all ages if you know how to carry the outfit. Scroll on to see our compiled list these balloon costumes and enjoy peeps!


  1. 1 The queen of balloons

  2. 2 Blew this fancy skirt for myself today

  3. 3 Tiny balloon protection

  4. 4 Dressed to impress


  5. 5 My boyfriend lives in a balloon

  6. 6 Male Stripper attire

  7. 7 Adding the balloony touch

  8. 8 Wanna pop my balloon?

  9. 9 Trick or treat!

  10. 10 In the name of elegance

  11. 11 What a hot mess

  12. 12 Life in the Amazon

  13. 13 Wedding ready

  14. 14 Casual dressing for the day

  15. 15 Rocking the ramp

  16. 16 They're running in the balloon marathon

  17. 17 Winners of the fancy dress competition

  18. 18 Even the little one wanted them

  19. 19 When your dressing sense is really out of the box

  20. 20 Beach party ready

  21. 21 Why would you ruin such a good dress?

  22. 22 Mom asked me to dress however I want to

  23. 23 The blue lady

  24. 24 Inside the ice cream factory

  25. 25 Red is the new black

  26. 26 Time to submit to her

  27. 27 Who said only inflated balloons count?

  28. 28 Sports woman of the year

  29. 29 Beauty on the ice

  30. 30 St. Patricks Day feeling

  31. 31 Merry Christmas


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