30 Funniest Things People With Great Sense of Humour Have Shared Online


A researcher conducted an analysis that found many couples with a shared sense of humor are strongly linked to relationship satisfaction. Therefore, if you ask most people what they’re looking for in a partner, ‘good sense of humor’ or ‘someone who makes me laugh’ is likely to be near the top of their list in terms of answering the question. Some people have an awesome sense of humor; it all comes effortlessly to them. The best part is that they use their humor shamelessly; perhaps that’s what makes it so great in the first place. Being with them always makes you laugh and you never get bored in their company.

In this post, we have listed up photos of 30 funniest things people with a good sense of humor have shared online. You’ll definitely be laughing by the time you finish this list.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with the people who kept you laughing during your whole life span.

  1. 1 Nobody tell him yet. I have to take a picture.

  2. 2 I can't tell the difference.

  3. 3 The theft of the sun

  4. 4 Design your own retainer.


  5. 5 This sign I found a an ice cream shop in Amman, Jordan

  6. 6 One of my mom's "Elf on the Shelf" photos.

  7. 7 Thanks chicken!!

  8. 8 What my stomach feels like after eating a steak.

  9. 9 It's a lie. True artists never use soap.

  10. 10 Mom, why are these worms covering the egg?

  11. 11 Always chose the doctor with a sense of humour

  12. 12 "Post no bills" saw this all over my campus.

  13. 13 Lego prosthetic.

  14. 14 Portable toaster.

  15. 15 When your girl really loves breakfast in bed.

  16. 16 What if they didn't stop her and that was an actual leg.

  17. 17 The only Apple product I can afford.

  18. 18 The perks of being bald and bored in the ikea

  19. 19 Millennials with their offspring.

  20. 20 New guy at the office.

  21. 21 We had a local elementary school decorate paper bags for Earth day and I found this one we had left over. This kid lol.

  22. 22 Looks like someone in my local Fred Meyer grocery department has a decent sense of humor

  23. 23 Add some Mentos' and you've got yourself an aircraft.

  24. 24 Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

  25. 25 This clever one night stand.

  26. 26 Rock bottom!

  27. 27 I would've gone with a surf board.

  28. 28 Get it?

  29. 29 Clinton hiding in the Bushes

  30. 30 Best bathroom graffiti


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