35 Funniest Starbucks Memes


Whether you are a coffee lover or not, you can still appreciate a few things Starbucks has to offer like the memes listed in this post.

Starbucks is America’s most popular coffee chain, but these funny Starbucks memes show that there is a lot to make fun of when it comes to the Seattle-based company. The best Starbucks memes are made with the purpose of spreading some waves of laughter with one another. They make fun of their ridiculous drink names, the long orders that are way beyond just a regular cup of coffee, and the people who frequently visit the shop every day.


Scroll on to see our compiled list of 35 funniest Starbucks memes. These hilarious memes will give you the best laughing therapy and they will surely make you go ROFL! Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Would you like something else with that, sir?

  2. 2 Venti 1/2&1/2, 10 Pumps Vanilla, Extra Whip?!!!

  3. 3 That'll be $10.

  4. 4 Sneaky smooth!!


  5. 5 Pugkin Spice Latte.

  6. 6 Sleep is for the weak.

  7. 7 Fair deal.

  8. 8 She just wants a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato.

  9. 9 When you need caffeine ASAP.

  10. 10 Time for that pumpkin spice latte.

  11. 11 Gotta catch 'em all.

  12. 12 Just give me that overpriced coffee.

  13. 13 So that's how they learn those long names.

  14. 14 Every white girls reaction.

  15. 15 She's already looking for her next Grammy.

  16. 16 What a joke.

  17. 17 White people simply can't dislike Starbucks.

  18. 18 Slow down there, things are moving a little too fast.

  19. 19 That's a thought.

  20. 20 Coffee tantrum.

  21. 21 Al Pacino.

  22. 22 Hiring some kids will solve that problem.

  23. 23 Oh my god! She's a blonde girl.

  24. 24 Clever.

  25. 25 Heaven for girls between 18 and 30.

  26. 26 When you've gotta get those reports in by Tuesday.

  27. 27 That could backfire.

  28. 28 Game of Scones.

  29. 29 Must have been a wild night.

  30. 30 Buy it if you want to burn your hands.

  31. 31 That's Starbucks for 40 year old housewives.

  32. 32 Fan girls.

  33. 33 Seems legit.

  34. 34 There you go, Briany.

  35. 35 Tall, Half-Caff with a cardiac arrest.


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